Sowa In-Home Wellness

A deeper approach to wellness house calls, in-home massage and acupuncture

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

120 Min. Tibetan Medicine House Call

In-home holistic health consultation combined with Acupuncture and/or personalized Tibetan Kunye Massage Therapies including hot stones, warm oil compresses and cupping anywhere in the SF Bay Area.

Massage oil

60/90 Min. In-Home Massage Session

Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area we offer in-home massage utilizing Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue or Prenatal techniques performed by our expert certified massage therapists specialized in Tibetan Kunye Massage.
$115/$155 ($20 Kunye Add-on)


60/90 Min. In-Home Acupuncture Session

We offer in-home Acupuncture treatments anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area with our licensed Acupuncturists, a great natural method to address almost any health issue disturbing you right now.

A natural, relaxing and therapeutic treatment. Right at home.

You deserve this extra attention. Caring, therapeutic touch. Personalized, compassionate care to bring you back into balance.


Everything about you is important to us, because all of our treatments are based on your unique condition and lifestyle.


Based in Tibetan Medicine, our approach is the historical and modern integration of time-tested Eastern Medicine traditions including Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.


We bring focus not only to the health of your body, but also to your emotional wellness and state of mind.


Focusing on diet, lifestyle and mild therapies, we aim to limit the need for extra supplements, so your system gradually and naturally heals itself.

Tibetan Medicine House Calls

Discover how to naturally improve your health with a 120 minute Tibetan Medicine house call anywhere in the SF Bay Area including personalized health coaching on your diet and lifestyle combined with supportive therapies from Traditional Tibetan Medicine and its related fields.

Recommended for 1st time visit

Starting with a 45 min. Wellness Check-Up:

Reviewing your complete health history.
Taking into consideration your age, constitution, environment, season, diet and lifestyle.
Applying pulse, tongue and urine diagnosis
Discovering imbalances in your health condition, and the underlying causes.

Establishing Your Unique Health Plan:

A personalized holistic health plan that effectively works with your unique condition.
Advice on diet and lifestyle, that will allow for natural healing.
Herbal formula recommendations to address imbalances effectively.
Customizing your following 60 minute treatment to your needs.

Your Personalized 75 min. Treatment May Include:

Hot Stones and Warm Oil Compresses(Horme)
Massage with Medicinal Oils
Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Cupping Therapy

In-Home Massage

Invite relaxation into your home with a Mobile Massage performed by our expert, caring and certified massage therapists anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.
60 or 90 minute massage session
Our specialty is Tibetan Kunye Massage incorporating familiar massage modalities including Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Prenatal, with medicinal oils and point therapies
Our practitioners have an average of 10 years of experience in therapeutic massage and are highly rated with major providers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

In-Home Acupuncture

Open your doors to the healing benefits of Acupuncture, a versatile and effective treatment based on the rich theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
60 min Acupuncture session, including 30 min rest retaining the needles
A brief in-take with the use of traditional pulse and tongue diagnosis
We’ll address one or two main health complaints during our session