Sowa Corporate Wellness

A deeper approach to your company's wellness

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Unique care for your unique team.

Sowa offers integrative health and wellness services to our corporate clients. We use an array of advanced therapies, administered by highly trained professionals. Sowa develops customized service packages tailored to each client’s needs. We are equipped to handle your company’s needs from a one-day wellness fair, to a full-time company spa, or a personalized wellness retreat for your staff. Sowa offers more, for a deeper wellness experience.
Chair Massage

Standard Chair Massage

Our experienced and inspired team provides therapeutic and relaxation chair massage for your staff. Treatment length may vary according to your needs. A short chair massage session improves productivity and boosts morale!

Chair Massage

Yoga Classes

Group yoga class is a great way to recharge and recalibrate. Our practitioners offer classes designed for the office. Our yoga modalities include Hatha Yoga, restorative Yoga, Tibetan Yantra Yoga and more.

Harmonious Breathing

Premium Chair Massage

Sowa’s premium chair massage is our flagship service. This integrative wellness experience can include massage, cupping, acupuncture, reflexology, warm herbal oils, hot towels, acupressure, aromatherapy or other techniques.

Harmonious Breathing

Harmonious Breathing

Breathing is life! This technique helps us learn to breathe deeply and mindfully throughout the day. Harmonious Breathing is an instant hack for a calmer, healthier, more productive life!



Acupuncture is ideal for a short office treatment. It is safe, simple, fast and effective. Your Licensed Acupuncturist administers a basic treatment to relieve stress and fatigue, boost mood, improve clarity, focus, sleep and more.


Wellness Talks

Your customized service package includes a complimentary wellness talk for your staff. Our highly-qualified practitioners present topics such as stress management, diet, daily routines, sleep, exercise, supplements and more.