About Us

Sowa translates from Tibetan as healing, and this is the mission and purpose of our blog and work.

Tibetan Medicine has developed for over…


Our cooperative offers services online, in our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Boulder, CO, and wherever we travel throughout the world. Starting Sowa we felt excited about putting our knowledge and experience together to create a unique source helping you in your healthy lifestyle. Why is it unique?

  • We are a cooperative team from the few experienced Traditional Tibetan Medicine practitioners and Yantra Yoga instructors that come from the West and are recognized by traditional Tibetan schools and experts in Tibet and India.
  • We are some of the first of the new generation of modern practitioners to openly share authentic Tibetan healing knowledge in a simple and practical way for Western people.
  • Our knowledge comes from Tibet, a land of natural healing knowledge that has been helping people to live healthy, happy and long lives for centuries.
  • Traditional Tibetan medicine was the earliest recorded integrative medicine in human history that brings together and respects the benefits of other related fields, such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
  • Traditional Tibetan Medicine offers a holistic approach that addresses the unique causes of illness of each indivudal.

We are happy to invite you to the rich world of Tibetan Medicine and Yantra Yoga, where traditional healing knowledge lives. With our experience we believe that health and wellness is not something artificial that one has to receive, but something that is waiting to be discovered and maintained. We believe that here, with time-tested advice and caring treatment, you’ll find the inspiring truth we’ve also discovered ourselves – health is natural.