Sowa Corporate Wellness

A deeper approach to your company's wellness

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Chair Massage

Massage & Acupuncture

Prolonged relaxation sessions of office chair massage or acupuncture plus additional personalized therapies, available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Harmonious Breathing

Breathing & Yoga

Special ‘Harmonious Breathing’ program, unique Tibetan Yoga or familiar and effective Hatha Yoga classes at your office anywhere in the SF Bay Area.


Mindfulness Meditation

Various workshops and methods that teach how to be present in the moment and benefit from it in your San Francisco Bay Area workplace.

Unique care for your unique team.

More personalized treatment. More expert and therapeutic care for your employees. A more thoughtful and complete wellness program. All for your team to thrive.


Certified Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda practitioners collaborating to bring time-tested healing methods


Private follow-up sessions to receive deeper care and focus on more chronic health and wellness conditions


Chair Massage & Acupuncture for the body, Office Yoga and Breathing for the energy and Mindfulness Meditation for the mind


A free talk on Nutrition, Stress Management or other Wellness topics with 2 bookings of Corporate Massage & Acupuncture a year

Chair Massage & Acupuncture

Great office massage for your staff. What else could you ask for? We've got an idea.
Greater choice, a personalized approach, and a longer treatment, all for the same price as other companies.

A personalized 30-minute treatment with a brief intake.

Additional individualized Tibetan Kunye Therapies: hot stones, warm oil compresses and cupping.

Every employee can choose Chair Massage or Acupuncture.

The same cost as a 15-minute corporate chair massage with most other companies, but 15 minutes extra to unwind.

Breathing Techniques & Yoga

Breathing is life. Harmony in breathing is harmony in life…and in your workplace.

Harmonious Breathing

30 – 60 minute group sessions of Harmonious Breathing that can be easily organized anywhere in your office.

Great for everybody, any time, any place, in any clothing.

Benefits after just one class, that you can develop with regular sessions including reduced tension, restorative sleep, and better overall cardiovascular health.

Tibetan or Hatha Office Yoga Classes

30 – 60 minute Office Yoga classes with our certified Yoga instructors, for all levels.

A chance to practice familiar Hatha Yoga or to learn Tibetan Yantra Yoga.

A great way to develop a more flexible, strong body and a more alert, clear mind.

Mindfulness Meditation

Be present in the moment, observe your experience, be curious and open, like an astronaut exploring inner space. It's that simple, but look what you can gain…

We offer

1 day workshops on Foundations of Mindfulness, Body Scan Practice, Walking Meditation Practices and more.

A sequence of weekly seminars including a wide range of Mindfulness topics, practices, and exercises for home and workplace.

One-on-one coaching with personalized instructions and support, special daily practice and guided meditation.


Decreases stressful experience at work and reduces needless mistakes born from distraction.

Practice of no-judgement strengthens interpersonal communication and inspires respectful and productive team work.

Calms down the mind, allowing fresh ideas and thoughtful creative decisions to arise.

Improves 3 qualities of attention: stability, control and efficiency, helping stay focused on work tasks longer.

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